ATV Sit astride (Quad bike)

Duration :

1 day (up to 2 for novices)*

Maximum trainees per course :


Price :

Cost per trainee  1-day £110 + VAT,  2-day £200.00 + VAT

1-day (maximum 2 trainees novice operators) £200 + VAT

Discounts for in-house courses maybe available.

Lantra Assessment £30.00 per person + VAT

Training is a legal requirement. The provision and use of work equipment regulations 1998 (PUWER) requires employers to provide adequate training and to ensure that ATVs are used only by employees who have received appropriate training in their safe use, including towed equipment and attachments. If you are self employed, the regulations still apply.

The following points are covered and tested on this course.

  • Use of manufacturer's handbook
  • Protective clothing
  • Transmissions and drives
  • Controls and instruments
  • Daily checks/refuelling
  • Start/stop procedure
  • Steering
  • Emergency stop
  • Risk assessment/route planning
  • Failed hill climb techniques
  • Ascent/descent
  • Traversing
  • Complex riding situations
  • Limits of towing trailers/implements
  • Loading capacities
  • Causes of accidents/how to prevent them
  • Daily checks on all equipment
  • Loading of racks/hitching up trailers
  • Assessment of riding/hitching/loading

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) required for this course:

  • Motor cycle helmet
  • Close fitting overalls

Course - notes

*Course duration:

One day course for experienced operators.

Two day course for novice operators.

One day course for novice operators maximum 2 trainees.

Maximum number of trainees:

Four  trainees on experienced operator's course.

Six trainees on two day course.